MacRumors made known notifications of users who have appeared a legend that the content is in 2160p or 4K which means that the option of maximum quality will be available only to people who have the Premium subscription of Youtube.

It was through Reddit where some YouTube viewers realized that, when choosing the resolution of the video among all the available ones, you can read a legend below that of 2160p in which it says «Premium» in reference to the fact that only users who pay for this feature will be able to use the highest quality.

The option was documented in screenshots, butalso showed a youTube capture for iOS in which you can even see a shortcut to subscribe to Premium through the legend «tap to update».

Atthe moment the catches are only originating in the United States, in other countries there have been no reports that a subscription is requested to watch videos in 4K.

A few days ago it was also reported that YouTube was showing up to five ads in a row for users who do not pay before the selected content was shown, so everything seems to indicate that Google is in the process of implementing a new strategy to reach more subscribers.


YouTube Premium was originally launched in 2014 under the name Music Key, which offered only ad-free music streaming and music videos, then in 2015 it was re-released under the name YouTube Red, to give access to all ad-free videos and exclusive content. Finally, YouTube Premium was established on May 17, 2018.

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