YouTube is conducting advertising tests for users who are not subscribed to its premium version, according to reports there has been an increase in ads from 2 to 5.

The above was made known by users on both Twitter and Reddit, among the main complaints highlights that ads can not be omitted, so they must be viewed complete with a duration of 6 and 12 seconds each.

YouTube has already confirmed that it is in the process of deploying this type of ads called «bumper ads», the official version is that none exceeds 6 seconds by not being able to give it «skip», before this there were users who showed evidence of ads with durations of up to 12 seconds.

The trial version of «bumper ads» is only available to some users, while most continue to enjoy the contents with only two ads prior to the playback of the videos, at the moment it is unknown when changes will be implemented in the increase of ads in a general way.

Currently there is a simple subscription plan and a family with variable price, in some countries there is already a possibility of subscription to Youtube Premium at a lower cost than the current one that offers the possibility of watching the videos without the possibility of downloading in which it is not possible to play videos in the background or picture in picture.


In 2020, YouTube had 51 million channels, with close to two billion users connected. With this, it was estimated that ads on the platform would reach more than 2.5 billion people, so advertising revenues were estimated in 2021 up to 28,840 million dollars.

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