Through an article published on its website, Xiaomi, the Chinese brand of cell phones and technological products announced its financial results for the year 2021 in which historical sales indexes and increase in profits are reflected. Last year alone, the Asian phone giant sold up to 190.3 million phones worldwide.

This becomes relevant because compared to 2020, in 2021 Xiaomi sold 30 percent more equipment, which was defined as a «meteoric» rise by some specialists. Currently the Chinese brand has the third place in terms of global shipments of cell phones worldwide and handles 14.1 percent of market share according to data published by the specialized page, Canalys.

Regarding the premium range, Xiaomi also had important metrics, with sales of more than 24 million units among which are included those that have a value of more than 300 euros, these numbers represent another rebound of more than double compared to 2020 in which up to 10 million units had been sold.

Xiaomi also grew in Latin America with a 94 percent growth in shipments to the region.

Vivo, Honor and Oppo Chinese technology companies have been growing in recent years by leaps and bounds, currently they no longer focus solely on the Asian market as it happened five years ago.


Xiaomi is not only a technology firm that sells smartphones, within its catalog also include some other terminals and devices such as: televisions, vacuum cleaners, bracelets, speakers, spotlights, etc. mostly intelligent.

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