It is a fact that for some years the strong bet of Xbox in terms of services is Game Pass which provides access to an extensive catalog of video games complemented with Xbox Live Gold that provides the possibility of playing online granting two free games each month.

Brad Sams, renowned video game journalist announced through his Youtube channel that the company led by Bill Gates is in the process of getting rid of Xbox Live Gold and unifying the services focusing only on Game Pass, which increasingly has more followers.

If it materializes, a single package would be offered for $ 15 per month, practically the base price of the Game Pass.

The above would have to do with some changes that Microsoft intends to make after PlayStation made its new PS Plus plans official, the firm that owns Xbox would look for other alternatives, such as offering a family subscription in Game Pass.

We will have to wait to see if this prediction-leak materializes, Brad Sams also assures that the moment in which both services would be combined would be as soon as the purchase of Activision by Xbox that it acquired for 68 billion dollars is completed. It is not ruled out that in case of unifying services and increasing the catalog of games, the cost of the subscription will also increase.


Xbox currently offers two different styles of subscriptions, Xbox Live Gold that provides access to multiplayer in console games, two free games per month and exclusive offers, as well as Game Pass Ultimate that has all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold and the possibility to play more than 100 games on PC and Console, Xbox Game Studios titles on the same day of its release,  games from your mobile or tablet in the cloud and an included EA Play subscription.

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