Being two of the creators of the best-selling consoles of all time, Xbox and Sony have always remained in constant comparisons and one of them is the quality of the exclusive games they offer to their followers; on this occasion, the specialized website Metacritic published its ranking for 2021, in which it had as winner the Xbox created by Microsoft.

According to the scores, Xbox Game Studios had the first place of all video game creators by having an average annual score of 87.4 points, a fact that was even highlighted by Metacritic when considering that it is «rare» for a publisher to have an average of 80 and even stranger to exceed 85.

In second place was Sony, with 81.3 on average; followed by Humble Games, with 80.9; in third, Activision Blizzard with 80.6 and in fifth, Bethesda Softworks with 80.2.

For its part, the list of creators continues with Capcom in sixth place, with 80.6 points; in the seventh Bandai Namco, with 78.5; in the eighth Sega, with 77.6; in the ninth Electronic Arts, with 78.3 and completing the top ten places, 505 Games.

Something to note is that this time Nintendo was left out of the top ten and even remained in 14th place, obtaining an average rating of 76 points.

Among the best titles published by Microsoft, Forza Horizon 5 stands out, which reached an average of 92, as well as Psychonauts, which had 91 and Microsoft Flight Simulator, scored with 90. The list also includes Halo Infinite, with 87 rating points and Age of Empires IV, with 81.

For its part, among the Sony titles that were exclusive to PlayStation, is Returnal, Ratchet & Clank: A Separate Dimension and Demon’s Souls Remake, among others.


In the classification made by Metacritic, they only took in terms of publishers who had at least 5 different titles scored, so, in total, 43 different video game producers were taken into account.

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