Hideaki Nishino, who is one of the main developers and promoters of the PlayStation 5 reported, through the firm’s own blog, that Sony’s next-generation console from this week will have a compatibility to have Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) technology, which was already requested by fans for some months.

This will make the PlayStation 5 rise to the level of its competitors, in the case of Xbox, both in its X and S series it already had compatibility enabled and in the case of pc gamers, the adaptive refresh technologies implemented by Nvidia were already available for some time, with its G-Sync and AMD, with its FreeSync.

The main functionality that VRR has for consoles is that it allows you in real time, to choose in conjunction with the TV the rate of images that will be seen on the monitor. That is, if the console is operating a game at 40 FPS, the TV will also play it at 40 FPS at the same time, and even if later the graphics card of the console decides to increase up to 45 FPS, or even 60, the TV must automatically increase the refresh so that both devices are synchronized, which provides better image quality.

In the absence of this technology, users had previously reported some cases of tearing -that the image was deformed by a line that crosses it horizontally from one end to the other- and stuttering, which makes there are some jumps in the images, which makes the game seem less fluid. While it’s not something transcendental, it is important in the gaming experience.

However, for PS5 users to make use of VRR technology, they must have a TV with HDMI 2.1 support.


During the last quarter of 2021, Sony reported a total sale of 3.9 million PlayStation 5 consoles, despite the product’s out-of-stock.

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