Twitter has begun to test one of its most anticipated functions by some users, that of editing a tweet that has already been published, however, as expected it arrives with some limitations.

The ability to edit tweets will first be available to subscribers of Twitter Blue, the paid version of the bluebird social network.

The administration of Twitter announced that in the future all people will have the possibility to make changes to their tweets after having written and posted them, this can only be done for a relatively short period of time (30 minutes after publication at most).

The new function aims to correct typographical errors or even add tags, at the moment there is no limit to the number of times the text can be modified, the edited tweets will have a special icon that distinguishes them from unedited tweets, as well as a mark with the data of the moment they were edited and the history of edits made to a tweet.

Editing tweets is currently only available to an extremely small group of people, who will be in charge of testing the feature, so Twitter developers can improve the new feature before it is officially launched.

Twitter assures that it is sought that the new function pays «to the integrity of the conversation» but avoiding that it is misused.


The feature is expected to be available to Twitter Blue subscribers by the end of September, it would only be enabled in a country not defined at the moment, over time based on the tests the launch would be extended to more countries and users.

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