The analyst of Asian origin Ming-Chi Kuo, specialist in rumors and leaks of Apple said that for the iPhone 15 the  charging capacity will be faster through  the implementation of the USB-C port, this will only be possible with certified chargers that have the MFI distinction (Made for iPhone).

It was through an  investigation that the specialist reported that the apple brand is in the process of improving the charging capabilities of its future phones, so it would have  to pay a little more to take full advantage  of the charging capabilities of the iPhone 15.

Hwill open  other options for buyers  to use other Apple charging accessories, but manufacturers would have to pay to obtain MFI (Made For iPhone) certification leaving royalties to the company founded by Steve Jobs.

Among the predictions Apple has contemplated an increase in shipments of chargers, mainly up to 120% in what refers  to 20W chargers for the second and third quarter of 2023, the above would be related  to the implementation of the  USB-C connector that has to do with the provision of the European Union on standardizing the universal charging port  to type C which would force Apple to leave behind the Lightning connector.

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