Apple has already been working for some years on Project Titan, code name for its autonomous car, some media report that the highest leadership of the Cupertino company «is not interested» in the project, to such an extent that Tim Cook, CEO of the firm almost does not visit the facilities where the project is being developed.

The Information, a specialized portal, said that Cook shows no interest in the development of the car, according to testimonies of 20 anonymous workers who work on the project.

Apple’s own employees stated that this would mean that there was no defined leader or person who can define how the product should be made based on Apple’s visions and goals.

The disinterest would have extended to Craig Federighi, who holds the position of senior vice president of software engineering at Apple who is very common to see in the presentations of the brand. Federighi would not be directly involved in the development and it is even said that he had come to doubt the success of the project based on comments with other executives.

One of the aspects that would have generated that Tim Cook is not so happy with Project Titan would have to do with a trailer that was presented to him in 2021, an Apple Car prototype made a 65-kilometer route in Montana, United States where it was driven without detailed three-dimensional road maps. The conflicts would have started on the way in streets near Silicon Valley, the cars apparently presented problems to stay in their lanes colliding with the sidewalks, among other damages.


Jony Ive, Apple’s former design lead, said one of his tips to the Project Titan team is that the design should lean towards weirdness with four passenger seats staring at each other for more interaction, plus a curved roof similar to that of a Volkswagen Beetle.

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