Elon Musk, owner of Tesla, reported, through his social networks that his humanoid robot project is getting closer, it would be in September when the firm presents a functional prototype of this invention, which will be called Óptimus.

It was through Twitter where Musk announced that the traditional Artificial Intelligence Day that usually takes place in August, for 2022 will be changed to September with the aim of announcing greater advances of what apparently will be one of his star projects.

It should be remembered that Óptimus was presented in 2021 and since then it was specified that its presentation date would be in 2022, so now there is a clearer picture of when there will be news, since the current information about the robot is scarce.

The latest information about the humanoid robot was unveiled at the opening of a Tesla assembly plant in Austin, Texas. Within the specifications, it was anticipated that its weight would be 125 pounds and it would have a load capacity of up to 150 pounds in dead weight, while, when extending its arms, it could only carry 10 pounds. It would also move at 5 miles per hour and its manufacturing goal would be focused on «eliminating boring, repetitive and dangerous tasks» that a human has to do.

However, there are detractors of the project, some specialists in the field of artificial intelligence say that building a robot that can complete human tasks before the end of 2023 is extremely difficult and «almost impossible» since other companies have an advantage to Tesla in that area -such as Boston Dynamics- who have not yet achieved that degree of autonomy.


While it is true that Elon Musk has presented revolutionary inventions, it is also true that he has broken some of his promises, for example, he promised that in 2020 there would be one million autonomous taxi thefts or that the first flight of his Starship would be made in 2021; both projects have no filing date.

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