Through a statement, the Russian communications service reported that it has made the decision to block Facebook throughout its territory because they consider they have had cases of discrimination and restrictions.

According to the Russian agency, this situation is not something new, since October 2020 they have recorded at least 26 cases of related discrimination against the media and resources used by Russia to spread its news through Facebook. However, the Russians accuse that in recent days access to accounts such as the RIA Novosti news agency, Sputnik, Russia Today, as well as the Zvezda television channel and the and pages have been blocked.

«These movements are prohibited, it influences the free flow of information and the unhindered access of Russian users to Russian media on foreign Internet platforms,» ​​says the statement released by the communications institute of that country.

Although Russia had previously partially blocked access to Facebook, now it will be completely.

There is even a response from Facebook, as Nick Glegg, president of global affairs at meta, assured that «they will continue to do everything possible» to restore access to the social network from Russia.

«Soon millions of Russians will be cut off from realistic information, deprived of their usual way of connecting with family and friends, and silenced from speaking. We will continue to do everything we can to restore our services so they can remain available to people who need them.» safely and safely express themselves and organize for action» asserted Glegg in his postulate.


As a result of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, transnational brands have placed restrictions in the Russian country, after firms such as Apple, Microsoft, YouTube, Netflix and Google partially or totally blocked some of their products in the Euro-Asian country.

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