What was announced with great fanfare last year by Microsoft and that promised to be a transaction that would put it even more within the main companies dedicated to gaming has turned out to be a headache and is that currently it has not been possible to complete the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Xbox,  because of some requests made by the Federal Trade Commission.

Now, the agency asked that Xbox provide more detail of the agreements that the firm has made with other companies to avoid monopoly, this includes some actions such as agreements with Nintendo to provide Call Of Duty for 10 years and even some signatures of agreement with Nvidia to take the saga to Streaming.

«Although it clearly intends to use these agreements in its defense, Microsoft has refused to produce underlying internal documents related to these agreements or communications with parties other than Nvidia, Nintendo and Sony,» the U.S. regulator said.

It also seems that the background is not on the side of Xbox, the Federal Trade Commission also requested all the documents that are related to the exclusivity of content that it acquired from the company ZeniMax, which is the central firm of a video game developer named Bethesda, which held titles such as Fallout or Elder Scrolls and that was bought by the X of gaming in 2021.


In January 2022, Xbox bought Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion, making it one of the largest transactions in gaming history. However, since then, Xbox has had to deal with antitrust agencies so that the purchase can be completed.

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