Faced with the publication that Neuralink and the University of California Davis are facing legal proceedings due to euthanasia during an experiment with monkeys, the company owned by Elon Musk provided more details about the implantation of brain chips to animals, in addition to confirming, there were deaths in the experiments.

Through a statement, it was announced that between 2017 and 2020 two types of surgeries were performed: the first corresponding to deceased animals that were sacrificed by a veterinary decision, after a research study was carried out, as well as live animals that received euthanasia at the end of the surgery.

According to Neuralink, in the second case, they only apply animals that already have a previous condition, but are «strong enough» to withstand anesthesia.

They even specified that euthanasia is performed to «prevent the animal from suffering» after the operation and in case there is an unexpected result.

After accusations that monkeys had lost a limb during the test, the firm led by the tycoon was emphatic in denying responsibility, they claim, the lack of fingers is the product of fights prior to the experiment with other monkeys.

«No such injuries occurred at any time to the animals housed at UC Davis while they were part of the Neuralink project. However, our society currently depends on medical advances to cure diseases, prevent the spread of viruses, and create technology that can change the way people interact with the world.»

The document also attached photographs showing monkeys that are still in the research and currently live in their facilities, in an area of 2 thousand square meters that also has other farm animals. In addition, they say, they have the certification of an international environmental organization about the animal care they give them in the company.


Neuralink Corporation is a neurotech company specializing in the development of brain-computer interfaces. In 2021 they showed how a monkey can play Pong with the help of one of the implants developed by the firm owned by Elon Musk.

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