NASA Director Jim Free told a news conference that they are in the process of requesting new dates for the launch of the Space Launch System rocket belonging to the Artemis I mission before the end of September.

According to the US official, the proposed dates are September 23 and 27, in addition an exemption is contemplated with the aim of making a new test on the batteries of the flight termination system.

Currently, NASA engineers are in the process of replacing the seals on the lines that carry liquid hydrogen to the rocket, according to information issued by Jim Free himself.

On the other hand, Mike Bolger, manager of the Exploration Ground System program, said that they still do not know if an inadvertent overpressure was what damaged the components in the launch attempt that took place last Saturday.

On September 17, an additional test will be carried out in some of the fuel tanks, with the aim of verifying that the work to solve the problems took effect; this will be verified through the realization of a wet general rehearsal, since NASA specialists consider that the previously set objectives have already been met.

So far there are already two failed flight attempts, which were made in the first instance on August 29 and then on September 3. The Artemis I rocket is already on platform 39B ready to be launched three weeks ago.


The Artemis program is an international manned spaceflight program that is led by NASA and some commercial companies and other space agencies, aims to return to the Moon to explore it, will take the first woman and the next man to the natural satellite of the Earth; it is expected that by 2024 the lunar region of the south pole can be reached, and in the long term establish a sustainable presence in the place.

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