YouTube is one of the internet entertainment platforms par excellence due to its gratuity and openness, so it has millions of channels and hours of content, of which, one has just become the second individual channel that reaches 100 million subscribers: Mr.Beast.

The American content creator managed to reach this figure by holding hundreds of massive contests that distributed prizes with thousands of dollars, in which one of the best known was the one he organized in full fever for the Netflix series «The Squid Game», when he recreated the types of game that were presented in the show safely for the participants.

With this, Mr.Beast reached what PewDiePie did at the time, which is the other individual channel that has a record of having reached 100 million subscribers.

Although there are three other channels that have this figure, (T-Series, Cocomelon and Series India) the truth is that in that aspect, the accounts mentioned are collaborative and not personal.

On the occasion of the arrival, Jimmy Donaldson, real name of Mr. Beast, issued a statement in which he assured, he will seek to continue on Google’s video platform.

«100 million means a lot. I’ve been making videos since I was 11 years old. This number represents in a way everything I have done in my life and I am very grateful to everyone who has seen a video. I hope to do YouTube always»

Mr.Beast crossed the language barrier, its original content is made in English and has secondary channels that play the same content, but dubbed into Spanish.

According to data issued by YouTube, the first time this content creator uploaded a video to its platform was in 2012.


The YouTube channel in Spanish that has the highest number of subscribers is the one belonging to the Spanish youtuber Rubius, with 40.4 million subscribers, a channel currently inactive.

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