Since the Covid-19 pandemic arrived, the use of video calling platforms worldwide began to be increasingly relevant, Microsoft’s Teams was one of the fastest growing and is now in the search for innovation considering the possibility of adding games in video calls.

The above was announced by The Verge, Microsoft the company led by Bill Gates would implement in Teams: Solitaire, Connect 4 and Wordament with the aim of increasing the experience for informal contacts.

On the other hand, some classics such as the mythical Minesweeper will also be included, in addition to other titles that at some point have been part of the Microsoft catalog, such as Sudoku, Mahjong, Puzzles and Treasure Hunt.

However, from The Verge it was reported that it sought confirmation from Microsoft, the American firm preferred to omit its comments.

The implementation of games in video calls is not the only change that Microsoft would seek to implement in Teams, there is also a project that aims to allow the development of virtual spaces that can allow users to connect and socialize, which is related to the implementation of the Metaverse on Microsoft platforms, for this the creation of 3D avatars and immersive meetings is already underway,  which should be implemented before the end of 2022.

In recent months, Microsoft has included greater features for remote work, such as the addition of the Together mode or even some visualizations that are specialized for performing remote tasks.


According to data from Microsoft at the beginning of May 2020 Teams had just over 75 million users, after the spread of Covid-19, by April 2021 it had already increased its number of users to 145 million, which meant a growth of almost double in less than a year.

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