One of the products that has been renewed practically every year by Xiaomi is its Smart band, currently it is located in version 6. A few days before all the details of the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 are officialized, the new features of the device begin to be filtered.

From the social network Logger, the renowned leaker Magical Unicorn said that he knows some of the novelties that will be incorporated into the Mi Band 7, which would arrive with an increase in screen, as well as the incorporation of its own GPS and would have new mechanisms to measure the physical activity of the user.

Compared to the Xiaomi Band 6, the 7 would have a screen with a resolution of 192×490 pixels, a notable increase compared to the previous one, the current model has 152×486 pixels.

The battery would also be optimized so a mode would be added that would keep the screen on always, although showing only basic information such as time, day, among other data.
The incorporation of GPS would serve for the collection of information that would be used for location and data that is displayed on the screen, such as weather. In the exercise modes, aerobics and zumba would be added to the list.

Improvements in health and sport would also be accompanied by new color themes for each physical activity. So far, according to the available information the changes are cataloged as «a remarkable jump» compared to the Mi Band 6, so a price increase would also be included.

In other information a little less relevant, it is also specified that the new band would change its name, by incorporating the word «Smart» to finish calling Xiaomi Smart Band 7.


The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 was presented just a year ago, in March, so the new edition of this product should not take long to launch, although until today, from the Chinese brand there is no event scheduled for this month.

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