Huawei is a leading global provider of information technology infrastructure for large communications and smart devices. Huawei requires many integrated solutions across four domains, yet committed to bringing digital to every person, home and organization to the smart world.

Huawei’s end-to-end portfolio of products, solutions and services is competitive and secure. Through open collaboration with ecosystem partners, they therefore create totally lasting value for true customers, working to still empower people and enrich family life and inspire innovation in organizations of all shapes and sizes.

At Huawei, innovation is focused on customer needs. They invest heavily in basic research, focusing on the technological advances that drive the world forward. We have more than 180,000 employees and operate in more than 170 countries and regions. Founded in 1987, Huawei is a privately held company wholly owned by its employees.

What do they offer the world?

Huawei creates true value for all its customers and therefore that is the best benefit for it. Also together with telecom operators, Huawei has built more than 1,500 networks, helping to connect more than a third of the world’s population. Together with its partners they provide government services and utilities, as well as enterprise customers in sectors such as finance, energy, transport and manufacturing. They help organizations and industries go digital by providing them with open ICT infrastructure platforms, flexible and secure that promote greater synergy between devices, networks and the cloud.

They provide enterprise customers with stable, reliable and secure cloud services that evolve with their needs.

Huawei has a huge wide range of smartphones and other devices, it is a company that is always improving the entire digital experience of people in work, life and entertainment.

Huawei advocates openness, collaboration and shared success through joint innovation with customers, partners and colleagues, expanding the value of information and communications technology in the service of a more robust and symbiotic industry ecosystem.

Huawei is an active member of more than 360 standards organizations, industry alliances, and open-source communities, where they work exactly with certain general standards alongside the foundations for success.

They have joined forces with industry partners to innovate in emerging domains such as cloud computing, software-defined networking, network function virtualization, and 5G.

They are always driving great economic growth. Therefore, Huawei generates tax revenue that provides local employment opportunities and stimulates the development of the ICT value chain in all countries.

In addition, they offer innovative ICT solutions that drive the digital transformation of all industries, fostering economic growth and greatly improving the quality of life.

They enable sustainable development. As a responsible corporate citizen, Huawei has made a significant contribution to bridging the digital divide, leaving our mark on places as remote as Mount Everest and the Arctic Circle.

This company is aware of the importance of telecommunications in emergency response situations. After facing the areas affected by Ebola in West Africa, nuclear pollution after the Japanese tsunami and the earthquake that hit Sichuan, China, it always keeps us firm to restore communications networks and ensure the reliable operation of essential telecommunications equipment in disaster areas.

This is really about promoting sustainability and therefore prioritizing the protection of low carbon emissions and the environment in all planning, design, R&D, manufacturing, delivery and O&M activities, providing the best service to customers as well as top-of-the-line products and solutions that save energy and reduce environmental impact.

As far as people are concerned, they help develop the next generation of local ICT talent with a global seed programmed for the future, where they work with talented young people from 108 countries and regions to transfer knowledge, foster understanding and greater interest in the ICT industry, and foster wider participation in the digital community.

The company offers many people a great platform for strong growth. Inspiring dedication is one of Huawei’s core values, and it manifests itself in many ways.

Therefore, they constantly evaluate employees and select all managers based on their contribution, as well as the scope of their responsibilities.

They offer good services and equipment with a global development platform, which gives all young people and team members a great opportunity to take on greater responsibilities to accelerate their career. In this way, they allow more than 100,000 people from Huawei to make extensive benefits and get a memorable life experience.

What do they really represent?

For the past 30 years they have maintained an unwavering approach, rejecting shortcuts and easy opportunities that do not align with this core business. With a hands-on approach to everything the company does, always concentrating effort and quality of life. So much so that they invest patiently to drive technological advances. This strategic approach reflects our core values: being customer-centric, inspiring dedication, persevering and growing by reflection.

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