The year 2022 has been characterized by hacks to various computer, telecommunications and video game companies, such is the case of Rockstar that was the victim of hack leaking its new video game: Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6, of which photographs, videos and lines of programming code were also released.

The user «teaportuberhacker» through the gtAForums website released the material, which supposedly anticipates a Latin protagonist and another white supremacist, as well as a city that is extremely known in the universe of this type of games (Vice City), all this in more than 3GB of material.

The netizen promised that he could soon leak a greater amount of material among which more data, source code, assets of both GTA 5 and 6 and even a trial version of the new Grand Theft Auto stand out.

The metadata of the leaked material has dates of the year 2021, some news suggest that GTA 6 is in development at least since 2019.

This leak has been cataloged as one of the largest in the history of video games, video game journalists recognized as Jason Schreier of Bloomberg already confirmed the news with their sources within Rockstar.

Among the revelations that most caught the attention of fans was the leak of the name of the protagonist, which would be a woman named Lucia and the aforementioned return to Vice City, a city inspired by Miami and whose title of the same name was released for Xbox and PlayStation 2, among other consoles in 2002.


Rockstar Games has not officially announced the launch of GTA 6, there were rumors that it would reach consoles and PCs in 2024, when Rockstar has budgeted a growth of 14 percent. In addition, just in July of this year he had commented that they had the need to «exceed the expectations of the players in the next installment of GTA».

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