Google’s artificial intelligence model, MUM, is in the process of being integrated into the search engine so that it can automatically detect when a person is in a personal crisis through searches.

According to the company owned by Alphabet daily around the world people make use of Google services to keep both them and their family safe, so in the coming days if you search for content related to suicide, sexual assault, domestic violence and substance abuse, support options such as hotlines for attention will be shown, as well as publications and research from reliable sources.

This action is something similar to what Google did with the Covid-19 pandemic in which if you search for something related to the SARS CoV-2 virus, you first showed information from verified sources such as the World Health Organization and from the government pages of each country with the aim of combating disinformation.

Under this tenor of ideas, the role of artificial intelligence would be the fact of identifying when a person needs results focused on the attention of a problem, so the accuracy in the detection of these cases would be increased by considering offering the right content and avoiding the one that is shocking or unexpected something crucial for the person to have well-being.

This is complemented by Google’s Safe Search mode, which is focused on filtering explicit results and content not suitable for children under 18.

MUM, Google’s artificial intelligence is available in 75 different languages, and is expected to be increasingly used to extend and improve spam protections.

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