From Germany, the company Indigaming presented a new product that promises to surprise Sony fans, since it created a system that allows the user to take their PlayStation 5 to the place it is and that is always ready to be used.

The invention called Poga Lux, has a cost of one thousand 499 euros, the system already includes the PS5, a briefcase that allows you to move the console, among other attachments.

To offer the portable gaming service, the Poga Lux has a 23.8-inch screen with Full-HD resolution of 1920×1800 pixels, in addition to incorporating a frequency of 144 Hz. It has FreeSync technology, through which it is promised to have a greater visual capacity of the games.

In addition, the case can be purchased in black and white and has an IP52 certification, which guarantees that it has resistance against water and dust filtration.

Among the packages offered in the Poga Lux, the one that has a DualSense controller included stands out, although you can also buy the one that has two controls and you can customize things like the fact of choosing if the PS5 console is required with input for discs or if it were 100 percent digital.

It should be noted that it is practically like carrying a carry-on suitcase, having handles and even llantitas to carry dragging the PS5 and all the necessary components, perhaps the only weak point is that if you need connection to the electric current, the thermal operation is around 35 degrees Celsius, this is only relative to the console and not to the system as a whole, in that respect, there are no exact data.


The PlayStation 5 has just over a year and a half that was launched on the market and some companies and enthusiasts of the brand have presented innovative projects in recent months, as such is the case of a youtuber called DIY Perks, who created a «slim» version of the successful Sony console.

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