A few months ago the use  of ChatGPT became popular worldwide because it is open for companies to integrate it into their applications  and thus generate a greater diffusion of the scope of artificial intelligence, Microsoft is doing a good job with AI, first it was its Bing search engine who integrated ChatGPT and now it will be the Office suite that will integrate this technological innovation  .

Word, Excel, Power Point, Teams and Outlook will have a new function called Copilot which through AI can request the Bot to prepare documents, meeting transcripts (in Teams), summaries, creationof tables among other functions. For this you only need a brief description of the user,  Copilot will create a draft which can be modified by the user by requesting corrections or change of tone in the wording, in addition to having some specific uses as in the case of Word,  where certain specifications of the document can be adjusted.

Thissounds very promising due to the fact that you can also  request modifications in Power Point to adjust a presentation  in its degree of visualization, or in the case of Excel generate new graphs from a content.

Atpresent, there is no exact release date or what the cost will be for the user.  Microsoft said «more details of licensing and pricing will be coming soon.»


ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence created by the company Open AI, which aims to popularize AIs around the world for academia and improve the lives of human beings.

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