A few weeks ago that ChatGPT went viral around the world for its surprising ability to use Artificial Intelligence to process text in a fluid and coherent way, even achieving the elaboration of essays, reports or journalistic notes with events that happened, in the second week of March  the new version of this powerful tool launched by OpenAI was presented: ChatGPT-4.

What’s new with ChatGPT-4?

ChatGPT-4 was officially launchedon March 14, 2023 by OpenAI, this new version is much more creative and collaborative than its predecessor to s, is ableto solve problems with greater precision and greater degree of difficulty, the changes of this new   version  They cover a broad spectrum of general knowledge.

In this sense, the functionality is maintained so that the ChatGPT system can explain things in more detail, this throughthe analysis of thousands of data.

This new version has improved reasoning capabilities, with further improvement in this regard.

In the production of texts, the way in which they aregenerated based on exact specifications defined by the user  was improved.

As for general concepts, it is specified that the growth between the latest versions has been high, since the first version of ChatGPT obtained a grade of 10 in specialized exams and with the new tool this rises to 90, while in the biology olympiad tests previously obtained a grade of 31 now rising to 99.

Additionally, ChatGPT-4 increases its security as it is 82 percent less likely to respond to requests for content that is not allowed and up to 40 percent more likely to produce factual responses than the most recent previous version.

In that sense, human comments were incorporated, among which those that were precisely made by users of ChatGPT in its previous versions to improve behavior, with the collaboration of more than 50 experts in security and protection of artificial intelligence.

Thecreators of ChatGPT-4 say they also applied lessons from the real-world use of previous models in a security research and monitoring system that will be used to help create training data for the tuning of the model itself.

GPT-4 chat allows you to accept images as inputs and thereby generate subtitles, classifications, analysis or recommendations.  Thetool is capable of handling more than 25,000 words of text, which will allow users to create content in a longer format than previously done and could even provide a search and analysis of documents.

Something that programmers will be happy about – or maybe not so much thinking about the future – is that now ChatGPT will be able to program with greater power. It could put  creatives  in check, since it is better at making word games. However, despite the progress, there are still some errors in its answers, which is understandable considering the amount of text it processes.

Tools that will use ChatGPT-4.

Duolingo the popular application to learn languages will integrate ChatGPT-4, on the OpenAI website it is mentioned that more than 50 million students will be able to access classes with artificial intelligence through the Duolingo Max tool, in which ChatGPT-4 will be used to incorporate two new functions, role play with a «partner» that will really be artificial intelligence and explains answers,  in which the rules will be broken down when a mistake is made.

«We wanted AI-powered features that were deeply integrated into the app and take advantage of the Duolingo look that our students love,»

Said Edwin Bodge, senior product manager for the language-learning tool.

Also the Be My Eyes tool can help through artificial intelligence and is that this firm developed something called Virtual Volunteer, which uses ChatGPT-4 to generate a high level of context and understanding through the interpretation of images.

Other applications that also use the language model are Stripe, Morgan Stanley and even Microsoft’s Bing, although in the latter case version 3.5 is still used.

Use of ChatGPT-4 in its purest form.

Currently ChatGTP-4 is available on the OpenAI website with limited access, to take advantage of its maximum capabilities it is necessary to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus that has a cost of $ 20 per month, at the moment the subscription to ChatGPT Plus is not active in all countries so it will  be necessary to sign up for a waiting list to be considered.

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