The consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine continue to increase in the digital context, just a few days ago it was reported that it had spread to cryptocurrencies, now renowned brands such as Apple, YouTube and Netflix also announced some actions that could be considered as blockades.

In the case of the streaming giant, Netflix, it was announced that, despite the fact that the laws in Russia establish that it has to transmit at least 20 Russian channels, they will ignore and will not disseminate those media, the reason explains the streaming giant is «due to the current situation».

In the same way, after the European Commission announced measures to ban the content disseminated by the Kremlin in the European Union, YouTube assured that they would block the RT and Sputnik channels, both of Russian origin. In addition, the video service reported that it is constantly monitoring its platform to prevent new channels from appearing that disseminate the content of those blocked.

While Apple also generated its own measures to respond to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, in the coming days it will limit the sale of products in the country, in addition to removing RT and Sputnik applications from non-Russian application stores.

On the other hand, live incidents as well as real-time traffic were disabled from their maps app. Even the Cupertino company said it stopped all exports, while Apple’s online store in Russia shows all iPhones and Macs as «currently unavailable.»

Disabling real-time traffic data is an action that Google had also taken as the information was reportedly being used to obtain Ukrainian troop movements.


On Monday, it was announced that the main cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance and Coinbase, had begun with a blockade towards operations that were carried out from Russia for the acquisition and sale of digital currencies.

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