The media specialized in technology and sales, Counterpoint unveiled the 10 cell phones that are sold the most worldwide with a cut to the month of April and in whose list predominated terminals of Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi, the latter was able to sneak to the top.

The best-selling phone worldwide is the current Apple flagship, the iPhone 13, to demonstrate the power in preferences worldwide, the Apple firm also has the following three rungs, since the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the second best seller, the iPhone 13 Pro is the third best seller and the iPhone 12 is the fourth.

Two Samsung Android devices appear in position 5 of the preferences, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G followed by the Samsung Galaxy A13 in the sixth position.

In the seventh place appears again Apple with the iPhone SE 2022. Places 8 and 9 are again for Samsung, with the Galaxy A03 Core and Galaxy A53 5G models, respectively. Finally, the brand that occupies the number 10 and that managed to sneak into the top before two predominant firms in the market is Xiaomi, with its most outstanding mid-range smartphone of the year (until the first semester), the Redmi Note 11 LTE.

The first five positions are located by high-end devices, a mid-range one appears up to sixth place, so the Samsung Galaxy A13 is the best-selling in its segment worldwide.

According to Counterpoint, the 2022 iPhone SE has become a bestseller in the Japan and India markets, while Xiaomi’s Note 11 LTE has predominated in sales in the Caribbean and Latin America. For its part, the Samsung A13 replicated the success of its predecessor, the A12 in the regions of India and Latin America.


According to data issued by Apple, the apple firm had revenues of up to 97,300 million dollars in its last reported quarter, so it remains the most valuable company worldwide.

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