In the framework of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the Cupertino, California brand officially presented its new M2 processor that will have the capacity to support up to 24GB of LPDDR5 RAM.

According to information provided by Apple, this new chipset is a revitalized version of the M1.

  • The new M2 processor takes a leap in performance by manufacturing 5nm and with up to 2 billion transistors, which means an increase of 25% compared to the M1.
  • Within the comparison metrics it is also included that the new processor has a 19% faster CPU and in the case of the GPU, it has a superior performance by up to 35%.
  • Apple claims that the new M2 is about 2 times superior compared to a 10-core computer and is also capable of offering better performance than a 12-core PC.
  • The M2 has eight cores, 100 gbps of bandwidth -which means 50% more than the M1 in that aspect-, shared cache of 20MB in total, a neural engine, a media engine that can support 8K video encoded in H.264.
  • It also has more than 20 trillion transistors and is capable of performing up to 15.8 trillion operations per second.

Even the first Mac models that will have this processor are already known, these are the new MacBook Air, which were also presented during the celebration of WWDC and that, according to Apple information, will have substantial increases in camera, screen and battery and with Magsafe charging port.


During the WWDC 2022 Apple also presented iOS 16, within its new capabilities includes the fact that the lock screen can be fully customized having the possibility to add widgets, filters and select the size in which you want to view, improvements were also included in the photos app and live text functions, among others; this update will be available for iPhones 8 and up.

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