Cupertino, California – In an exciting development for video and music creators, Apple unveiled today the release of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad. This groundbreaking release enables creators to unleash their creativity in ways that only the iPad can offer. Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad incorporate a brand-new touch interface that allows users to enhance their workflows with the immediacy and responsiveness of Multi-Touch gestures.

Final Cut Pro for iPad comes equipped with a powerful set of tools designed to enable video creators to capture, edit, enhance, and share their creations, all from a single portable device. Meanwhile, Logic Pro for iPad puts professional-grade tools in the hands of creators, allowing them to compose, create rhythms, record, edit, and mix music wherever they may be, with a robust suite of functionalities at their disposal.

Both Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad will be available on the App Store as subscription-based services starting Tuesday, May 23rd.

«We are thrilled to introduce Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad, which will empower creators to unleash their creativity in new ways and in even more places,»

Said Bob Borchers, Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing at Apple.

«With their powerful and intuitive tools designed to prioritize portability, performance, and the iPad’s touch interface, Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro offer a complete mobile studio experience.»

Final Cut Pro for iPad introduces a new touch interface and a range of intuitive tools that enable video creators to explore new workflows. The new Selection Wheel makes the editing process much more streamlined, allowing users to interact with content in entirely new ways. Users can now navigate the Magnetic Timeline, move clips, and make precise frame-by-frame edits with just their fingers, thanks to the immediate responsiveness of Multi-Touch gestures, taking creativity to the next level for creators worldwide.

Real-Time Drawings enables users to draw or write directly on top of video content using the Apple Pencil. On iPad Pro devices with the M2 chip, the floating Apple Pencil pointer provides users with new tools to quickly review content and previews without having to touch the screen. Users can also expedite their workflow using keyboard shortcuts with the Magic Keyboard or Smart Keyboard Folio. Creators can view and edit videos in stunning HDR quality, thanks to the Liquid Retina XDR display on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and apply color grading with incredible precision using the Reference Mode.

The introduction of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad opens up new possibilities for creators to maximize their productivity and express their artistic vision. With the portability and power of the iPad, creators can now bring their editing and music production studios wherever inspiration strikes.

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