For some years Amazon has been working to revolutionize home delivery of packages by drones, however, the Seattle, Washington company has faced several challenges generating some delays, the most recent has to do with possible aggressions of neighbors towards pilot test drones.

The Washington Post reported on the disagreements about the Prime Air operation program that some locals in the Lockeford American community in California have, where Amazon has a distribution center and performs necessary tests of the program within a radius of six kilometers around.

For its realization, the firm headed by Jeff Bezos issued an open registry for residents who were interested in receiving their packages by means of a drone, which would have as a mechanism to make the delivery by dropping the package from a height of one meter, which would ensure a smooth reception.

Even though Amazon contacted local authorities to avoid any kind of inconvenience and report details, some residents told The Washington Post they have no information about testing, so even some said they were «afraid.» Among the main reasons are listed the fact that drones can violate their privacy through the observation of their properties or intimidation of their livestock, derived from this, in extreme cases residents assured that they would shoot at drones if anyone flies over their property, this despite the fact that Amazon ensures that drones do not capture photographs or videos during deliveries.

Not all neighbors are against the implementation, some claimed that they «are anxious» or «curious» about how it will be carried out, so far the program reports a high rate of people registered on the list so that the delivery of packages in their homes is through drones.


Amazon has been in the search for perfection in drone package deliveries for some years. Another city that is in the process of evaluating whether to accept package delivery by Amazon is College Station, located in Texas; the ruling of the citizens’ council will be announced on July 14.

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