Several actions in favor of the buyer have been implemented by Amazon over the years which has generated positioning as the giant  of home sales, so now it is expected that one more  action will be added  in the coming days: products that have a high rate of returns will be marked as «returned frequently».

The above will not only be an advantage for buyers, it will also help Amazon to avoid growing the logistics expenses of company and sellers when returning the products, in general terms it would «save» a mail book.

It also has to do with the ease that Amazon provides to return products in cases in which it did not meet the buyer’s need or a change of mind.

The first reports of the new Amazon tool  indicate that the implementation of the label «returned frequently» will be gradual, on the internet there are already some images of the implementation, while in other Amazon accounts it still does not appear according to user reports.

Será a matter of time, an official Amazon spokesperson confirmed to the specialized web media The Information that the label will be implemented and will aim to «help customers make better informed purchase decisions» so it will alert certain products that are returned frequently, in addition to issuing a recommendation to calmly verify the details of the product and thereby reduce the number of returns.

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