The year 2023 has witnessed the popularization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) globally, with tools such as ChatGPT that have marked a before and after in its adoption. In this line, Adobe, one of the giant software developers specialized in photography and design, has launched Firefly, a powerful tool that uses AI to generate realistic images from text in a matter of seconds.

Currently, Firefly is in beta and its use is exclusively through the web, but it is expected that in the future it will be integrated into the Adobe suite of applications. This tool will not only be able to generate images from scratch, but will act as an «assistant» or «co-pilot» for the creation of content that can then be retouched in applications such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

Among the standout features of Firefly, is its ability to generate elements such as vectors, brushes and textures with just a few words, which provides an additional level for creating designs. In addition, it will allow you to create videos from a simple sentence, with the option to animate images previously generated using Adobe tools.

Regarding image rights, Adobe has collaborated with NVIDIA to develop an App with openly-licensed data packages, which will give creators the ability to decide if they want their images to be used for AI training.

Although Firefly is in beta, those interested can sign up for a waiting list to access artificial intelligence via email. In the future, Firefly is expected to be fully integrated into the Adobe suite.

However, with the popularization of AI, concern has arisen about how this technology will affect certain professions, especially those related to the arts and creativity. In this regard, Adobe highlights three main benefits of Firefly for creators: improved creative process, practical benefits and accountability.

In terms of improving the creative process, Firefly will encourage the natural creativity of users, and by being integrated into Adobe products, it will allow adapting to different needs. In practical terms, creators will have the option to use content generated with Firefly for commercial purposes once it exits the beta phase. And when it comes to accountability, Adobe is committed to ensuring the authenticity of content and providing «untrained» credentials to be associated with every piece of content posted or saved.

Adobe’s future in using AI is promising. The Firefly tool is expected to evolve to allow the synthesis of progressive and controllable images, which would allow editing from strokes made by creators. We also work on mixing photos naturally for a more fluid and aesthetically pleasing image composition.

In summary, 2023 has been a key year for AI and Adobe has not been left behind in this technological revolution with the launch of Firefly, a tool that promises to enhance the creativity of users and change the way images and visual content are generated. Adobe’s future in the use of AI looks interesting, and it is expected that they will continue to innovate in this area to provide creators with an increasingly complete and efficient experience.

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